YouThrive Bach Flower Blends

YouThrive Bach Flower Blends


Family Support Testimonials

My daughter had first tantrum less bed time today!  And she actually spoke to her sister instead of screaming at her. 

I was speechless. Family Support  works. 

Thank you!    Michelle

Testimonial for YouThrive and the Family Support Floral Essences as promised!

First day of school my 5 yr old son came home in tears!  I finally found out that this was because he couldn't read and felt he should have mastered this skill in the five hours he was there!  The bottle of Family Support worked brilliantly and within 10 minutes he had calmed down.  I give him the drops before and after school and in his water bottle.  His stress levels have reduced ( and so have ours!) and he is more open to learning and not as hard on himself.  I've taken to using it myself and giving it to my husband.  We have a much calmer and rational house hold. I'll phone you for another bottle next week.

Thanks :-)