YouThrive Bach Flower Blends

YouThrive Bach Flower Blends


How fast will my recovery be?


For the physical and emotional bodies to catch up with the build up of stress that you are experiencing takes time and the results of stress, anxiety, loss of self confidence etc can be months and sometimes years in the making before we get to the point of realisation & choosing to make changes and to begin the healing process. 

Our drops often work quite quickly and you can feel as though you are better in no time at all. However, this fast recovery can be mis-leading. The emotional imbalance you are currently experiencing has taken a long while to present itself as your current symptoms, therefore your healing continues to work on on the conscious and subconcious at subtle levels - sometimes it can appear as though nothing is happening.

Our flower essence blends have different time frames for full healing to occur.  Most people feel "better" relatively quickly as the Rescue Remedy responds immediately to " stress", however, the way our drops are blended and the different strengths that are used also work on the long term cause of the stress.

This can only happen if the essences are continued to be taken regularly and ideally a minimum of 3 bottles for maximum benefits, allowing your emotions to fully regain their proper balance. Over time you will feel more and more stronger, lighter,clearer& happier.

Once balanced keep a spare bottle on hand for unexpected events.

If your emotional state changes or heightens in any way, this is likely to be a Healing Activation and is a common effect of the treatment. This state usually settles down within approximately 2 weeks ph Eunice at YouThrive if support is required  (09) 817 9810.