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Rescue Me Testimonials

OMG!! AMAZING!! I have noticed such a massive difference. The biggest shock has actually been my mum. I went down to Dunedin and she tried them out and they helped her so much. She has bi-polar and is very clinically depressed, and is having a lot oftroublesleeping with anxiety attacks. She found the drops made such a massive difference for her that she used up my whole bottle haha. 
So I'm coming back this weekend to get some more :)

Hi Eunice,

Just want to thank you again for being here for me - I have been taking Rescue Me as soon as I have any thoughts I don't want and yes - it 'knocks it on the head' !  Then I find when I am able to have the space to deal with the problem I am able to handle the emotional wave better, think through it and start to  find a solution.

I feel really good today and yesterday was a better day too.

I really couldn't have got to this point without you - thank you so much


Hi Eunice,

Wow what a difference!  I feel great!  Emotionally stronger and able to stand up for myself in confrontational situations and afterwards I am able to let go of the anger and stress so much more quickly than I used to.

I feel like a different person. Thanks so much.  I'll keep in touch.


I don't understand it.  I've tried Rescue Remedy before and it did nothing, but whatever you put in Rescue Me WORKS! 

I haven't been anxious at night since taking it (5 days now) when I normally have to take a diazepam to get to sleep.  I feel calmer during the day and generally a lot better.  

I can't believe it.

Mrs O

Hi Eunice and Sue

The drops seem to be working well and if I get stressed they seem to calm me down really quick. My friend was having a panic so I gave her some drops and her mood changed instantly.

Thanks heaps


Hi Eunice and Sue,

So lovely to hear from you both and asking about Heather.  Well, results from Heather taking Rescue Me were quite unbelievable!  After the first day her anxieties were definitely a lot less, and she felt very comfortable venturing out the front door.  From that day of meeting you both she has only taken a total of 3 x 1/2 tablets of her meds, with 2 lots (1 x morn & 1 x  night) of Rescue Me. (On a normal day she can take up to 1 & 1/2 tablets PER DAY).  So definitely results there.  

Where can we see you both again, are you possibly at another market in the next week or so or can I order on line?


Kind regards


Please note YouThrive do not advise anyone to reduce medication unless they speak to their healthcare professional first.

Hi Eunice, thank you for following up A seems to be calmer, she has even slept through the nights a couple of times, but she is finding she can only take at night time, she felt really tired when she took in the morning. Thanks S :-)

Eunice's Reply

Hi S

Glad it's helping. The tiredness during the day can be what is known as a Healing Activation.  Possibly what A is experiencing is the stress and tension in her body that she is used to is being released  making her feel more relaxed and her body is reacting to this by wanting to sleep to heal and rejuvenate.  I have had this response with clients before.  

Maybe on a weekend or in the holidays A can try the drops during the day and if she feels tired allow herself to rest more.