YouThrive Bach Flower Blends

YouThrive Bach Flower Blends


Pet Rescue Drops & Busy Pet Drops Testimonials

I noticed a huge change in Captain within a day of giving him the Pet Rescue Drops.  He's gone from stressed, anxious and needy to happy and relaxed.

Thank you for making a really awesome product.


Buddy is a gentle natured rescue dog and has had a lot of changes in his life.  He's been with me over a year now, but was showing signs of stress by constantly knawing his paws making them red raw.  After various different treatments I tried Pet Rescue Drops and after 1 bottle he has settled down and has stopped gnawing his paws.  He's all good now.



Dudley LOVES to play.  But there comes a time when we all want to relax.  That's when I mix Busy Pet Drops in with his dinner and he starts to settle down.  If he really is determined to play he will continue to "push" through, however 1-2 dosed dog biscuits ( or drops straight into the mouth) later he is relaxed, cuddly, docile and ready for sleep.