YouThrive Bach Flower Blends

YouThrive Bach Flower Blends


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 Good Morning!

As you know, I'm heavier than I want to be. I don't weigh myself a lot. But I have noticed that I'm not eating as much. I feel better in general. That by itself is priceless!

As far as my behavioural patterns are concerned I've noticed at my weekly meeting at the hospital I was finding that my stress levels increased greatly and I was becoming irritable and was finding it difficult to deal with certain people in an objective manner.  Since taking my drops I am calmer and am not taking comments or heated discussions so personally.  The outcome of my last meeting was much more positive on all levels.  Very interesting! 

Thanks Maurice


I am good thank you - moving through the challenges/ layers as they arise and letting them go (YAY). I am also starting to see the (good) stuff that has been hiding underneath all of those layers and it is allowing the authenticity to shine through once again. My motivation is also lifting and I am accepting the opportunities to stand in my power again – which in itself brings up the fact that I am offending some people who have got used to it being controlled.


I am almost through the 2nd lot of 3 bottles so I will contact you for another 3 within the next couple of weeks.


Thank you again for your support





The blends have worked really well.  Really good result and I'm maintaining emotional balance. My husband is feeling so much better and he's feeling much more positive.

The dogs improving too!