YouThrive Bach Flower Blends

YouThrive Bach Flower Blends


The Professional Range

 Executive First Response 

$40.00  30 ml

Strength 5 / 36 Essences   

Everyone has stress in their lives at some time or another whether it's work, personal or family life orientated. 

However, when you are at work you need to have your head in the game. 

Executive First Response gives you Calmness of Mind, Clarity of Thought and the forward Direction of Choices you need during the day to keep going under pressure, while at the same time, helping you deal with the emotional roller coaster life is currently throwing at you.

When at work 

Take Executive First Response on a regular basis ( min 4 times a day in tea, coffee, water or neat under the tongue) and every 2 minutes if you are finding it difficult to concentrate or keep your emotions in check until rational thought is acquired. 

When at home 

Continue to take the drops acknowledging your emotions and how you feel. 

Do not suppress. 

Take drops during the evening and before bed. If you wake during the night take some drops directly under tongue.  If not asleep in 10 minutes take another dose and so on every 10 minutes until you succumb to sleep.

1 bottle = 2 weeks dosage.  Minimum 3 bottles = 6 weeks to get on top of emotional stress.

Treatment can be continued for as long as needed.  The more you take the better you feel.