YouThrive Bach Flower Blends

YouThrive Bach Flower Blends


Children are small adults

As a parent if you just take a moment to consider your child as a small adult with the same stresses we experience just in a childlike way we can begin to understand some of the reasons they react as they do.

Has your child ever complained of a tummy ache when getting ready to go somewhere or encouraged to do something that is new to them?

This can be their way of telling you they are anxious, uncofident, shy or that old favourite that adults use as a way of explaining a myriad of negative feelings - Stressed.

By putting life on hold for ten minutes, step into their shoes and by calmly talking to your child you can often illicit what's really going on and from there you can become your child's saviour by helping them in a positive practical way and addressing their problem or fear by helping them navigate that all encompassing feeling of loss and isolation. If your child is very young even learning how to communicate with you has its stresses.

If you feel that sessions with your child and us are not going to work at this stage that's okay. We can either talk with you and guide you, on how to guide them or if you prefer to start with a bottle of one of our YouThrive Floral Essences the remedy alone could very well do the trick.  

Children are hard to read, however through observation we can pick up insights into what's going on in their heads.  Below is a list of issues that in the main can be easily dealt with.

  • Your child feels like they don't fit in?
  • Your child feels that they can't live up to yours or others expectations?
  • Are they a bully?
  • Are they being bullied?
  • Are they angry a lot the time?
  • Do they ever feel jealous and resentful?
  • Are they socially awkward?
  • Are they shy?
  • Do they lack confidence?
  • Do they get nervous?
  • Do they find it hard to express themselves?
  • Do they find it hard to make a decision?

Children learn behaviour from their parents and all adults the interact with so when you get stressed they pick up on it and your stress magnifies their own.

If your child is experiencing any of the above and / or you or a family member is not coping with life's everyday stresses and anxieties a bottle of YouThrive Family Support helps to re- balance their emotions and help them on their way to becoming happy balanced adults and helps you put day to day issues into perspective so that coping mechanisms are more easily attained.