YouThrive Bach Flower Blends

YouThrive Bach Flower Blends


The Psychic You Range

Positive Abundance Blend

$40.00 30 ml

$15.00  10 ml

Strength 5/35

The Bach Flower Essences work on Astral/Mental / Causel Planes to remove blocks so that the higher self / soul/ body / mind / conscious / subconscious can communicate and bring to fruition the soul and personalities desires in accordance with the individual's soul path and life's lessons.


I'm an artist and I just felt I needed an extra "boost" business wise and was attracted to the Positive Abundance Blend.  After I started taking them within a week or so, I made a $120,000 sale!  I KNOW the drops helped me in a significant way.  Jo.

Just bought another bottle of Positive Abundance Blend amazing stuff. I feel like it chucks me off the cliff and teaches me I can fly hahaha. xxxx Kristina

I was exhausted. I've been worrying about money ( just that time of year) and I have some big decisions to make privately and in business.  I'd just finished a long weekend working when Eunice gave me some Positive Abundance drops for a "pick me up".

Within 1/2 an hour I couldn't believe my energy surge.  From no energy at all to racing around cleaning, tidying, making decisions etc for a good 6 hrs! The way the drops are working for me are helping me move forward.  Getting things done that I'd been putting off.  I realised I was getting rid of the old to embrace the new.  A few weeks on and still taking the drops, I finally managed to deal with a box of personal papers that I had been reluctant to delve into for all sorts of reasons.  One of the envelopes I opened was an insurance policy I had forgotten about.  I just don't need it any more and I rang the company to cancel it.  Imagine my surprise and elation when I was told that I would receive a payout of $7,500.00!  My money worries were solved. Amazing!


Meditation Blend

$30.00 30 ml

$15.00  10 ml

Strength 4/13

To quieten your mind, relax your body, open your third eye & to assis in accessing your higher conciousness.

Planetary Blend

$ 35.00

Strength 4 / 21

To regain equilibrium & calm at times of the full moon and planetary shifts.

Star Sign Drops
$30.00 30ml

Strength 4/18

Blend for reducing fear, anger, resentment, building confidence withthe abilities to be flexible and open to making life easier for yourself and discovering what you really want out of life.

Which Star Sign are you?

Make a birthday wish, take the drops & create the change you desire!